+ABOMINATION (Usa)[Ultra Metal Prods]-"Abomination"
+ABISMO (Brasil)[Sphera Noctis Recs]-"Abismo"
+AD BACULUM (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prods]-"Morbid end Of Canibalistic Cosmics"

+AMONG DISASTER (Venezuela)[Necronausea Recs]-"Ecclesiastical Damnation"
+ANGEL REAPER (Hungria)[Metal ör Die Prods]-"Angel Ripping Metal"
+ANAL VOMIT (Peru)[Morbid Attack Prods]-"Demoniac Flagellations"
+ANAL VOMIT (Peru)[Morbid Attack Prods]-"Sudamerica Brutal"
+ANGEL CORPSE (Usa)[RawForce Recs]-"Hammer of Gods"
(Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"O Caos Da Razao"
+ANTACID (Malasia)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Atomic Thrashing Acid"
(Chile)[Proselytism Recs]-"Sunset of the End"
+ATOMIC ROAR (Brasil)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Metal Mayhem"
+ATHANATOR (Colombia)[Ultra Metal Prods]-"Antologia de la Muerte"

+BAPHOMET (Venezuela)[NecroNausea Recs]-"In the Beginning (Demos 91-92)"
+BEELZEBUL (Colombia)[Iron Goat Comando Prods]-"The Black Return of Leviathan - 94"
(Polonia)[NWN! Prods]-"Prime Evil Damnation"
(Peru)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Duros, Ebrios y Lujuriosos"
+BELZEC (Peru)[Pentagram Recs]-"The Art of Holocaust"
+BLASPHEMY (Canada)[Brazilian Ritual Prods]-"Desecration of Sao Paulo"
(Chile)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"In Conspiracy with Death"
+BLOODY VENGEANCE (Chile)[Proselytism Prods]-"Falling Into the Occult"
(Argentina)[Hurling Metal Recs]-"Demolicion 2002"
(Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Violence Just For Fun"
+BLACK ANGEL (Peru)[Gate of Horror Prods]-"Beyond from Beyond"
+BLIZZARD HUNTER (Peru)[DeathCult Recs]-"H.M.T.V. (Heavy Metal to the Vein"
+BRUTALITY (Usa)[Disembodied Recs]-"When the Sky Turns Black"
+BRUTALITY (Usa)[Disembodied Recs]-"Screams of Anguish"
(Chile)[Pacto Recs]-"Reunion de Brujos"
+BYWAR (Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Abduction"

+CAOS (Argentina)[Metal Command Recs]-"Demo 90' + Bonus"
+CARPATHIAN FOREST (Noruega)[Del Imginario Discos]-"Skjend Hans Lik"
+CARCASS (Inglaterra)[Del Imginario Discos]-"Reek of Putrefaction"
+CURRICULUM MORTIS (Peru)[American Line Prods]-"Sentencia de Muerte - Demo 1988"

+DARKNESS (Chile)[Australis Recs]-"Darkness (Ep + Demo)"
+DEMONIC RAGE (Chile)[Black Kaos Descent Prods]-"Consumed in Ultimate Sacrilege"
+DECAYED (Portugal)[Nyarlathotep Recs]-"A feast of Decay"
+DESECRATION (Inglaterra)-“20 Years of Perversion and Gore”
(Usa)[Ultra Metal Prods]-"Fucking Death"
+DESTROYER (Colombia)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Prepared For Discharge"
+DESTROYER (Colombia)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Dark City Hunter"

+EJECUTOR (Chile)[Self Released]-“Tiempo Profano... Tiempo Divino”
+EJECUTOR (Chile)[Self Released]-"Muerte... el Orgasmo de la Vida"
(Noruega)[Black Metal Attack Recs]-“Prometheus-The Discipline of fire & Demise”"
+ENFORCER (Chile)[Utterly Somber Creations]-"Evil Power Attack"
+EVIL BITCH (Chile)[Fucking Death Division]-"Sinner & Pleasure"
+EVIL FORCE (Paraguay)[Headbanger Force Prods]-“Ancient Spores”

+FUNEREAL MOON (Mexico)[Locus Mortis Prods]-"Heavy as Hell"
+FUNEREUS (Mexico)[Infinito Envenenado Recs]-"Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification"
+FUNEREUS (Mexico)[Infinito Envenenado Recs]-"Sangre para el Diablo"

+GOATPENIS (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prods]-"Live in Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack"
+GOATFAGO (Dinamarca)[DeathCamp Rex]-"True Occult Astronomy Part II"
+GOATLORD (Usa)[NWN! Prods]-"Reflections of the Solstice"
+GOATLORD (Usa)[NWN! Prods]-"The Last Sodomy of Mary"
+GORHOT (Chile)[Australis Recs]-"Honorvm"
+GRAVE DESECRATOR (Brasil)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"Deathspell Rising"
+GRAVEWÜRM (Usa)[Time Before Time Prods]-"Black Fire"
(Polonia)[Warheart Recs]-"Pamiec I Przeznaczenie"
+GRIMORIUM VERUM (Ecuador)[Entrophia Recs]-"Acnorajacal"

+HADEZ (Peru)[Pentagram Recs]-“Old Blasphemies (Demo 1999)”
(Peru)[Pentagram Recs]-“Morituri Te Salutant)”
+HEADHUNTER DC (Brasil)[Bestial Invasion Prods]-"Death Kurwa! Live in Warsaw 2015"
+HEIA (Brasil)[Diabolic Recs]-"Magia Negra"
+HELLVETRON (Usa)[Hells Headbangers Recs]-"Death Scroll of Seven Hells and It's Infernal Majesties"
+HELL TORMENT (Peru)[Heavier Records]-"Hell Terror"

(Brasil)[Devil Flying Prods]-"The Lamb's Fury MMXIV + Live in Berlin 2014 a.s."
(Argentina)[Kill Yourself Prods]-"Apocalipsi"
(Argentina)[K&S Recs]-"Invocando al Diablo"
+INNER VIOLENCE (Colombia)[Tribulacion Prods]-"War Hyms"
(Chile)[Exhumed from the Grave Prods]-"Metal Genocide"
(Chile)[Pacto Recs]-"Spilling Blood and Hate"

+KATALEPSY (Bolivia)[Brute Prods]-"Survival Generation"
+KILL (Suecia)[Dybbuk Recs]-"The Necrofiles"
(Colombia)[Codiscos]-"I - II"
+KRISIUN (Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Arise from the Blackness"
+KULTO MALDITO (Bolivia)[Nomos Dei Prods]-"Jodete Jesus"
+KULTO MALDITO (Bolivia)[DeathCult Recs]-"Brazo en Alto Signo del Chivo (Demos 2006/2007)"
+KULD (Brasil)[Tribulacion Prods]-"Beyond the Black Spell"

+LOUDBLAST (Francia)[Dynamo Recs]-"Disincarnate"
+LUCIFERA (Colombia)[Evil Domani Prods]-"Despues de la Muerte"

+MASSIVE POWER (Chile)[Alcoholic Distro]-"Massive Power"
+MALKUTH (Brasil)[Artefatos do Tumulo 666]-"19 Years of Glory And Victory"
+MANZER (Francia)[Armée de la Mort Records]-"Pictavian Invasion in Asia"
+MANIAC BUTCHER (Republica Checa)[Fog Recs]-"Immortal Death/The Incapable Carrion"
+MAHDYHELL (Colombia)[Iron Goat Comando Prods]-"Conquerors of Hell"
+MAYHEM (Noruega)[Anti Grishnack Recs]-"Dawn of the Black Hearts + Live 1986 + Demo 1986"
+METALUCIFER (Japon)[Holycaust Recs]-"Heavy Metal Bulldozer"
(Colombia)[Iron Goat Comando Prods]-"The Beginnings of this Metal War"
+MEPHIZTOPHEL (Colombia)[Time Before Time Prods]-"For My Your Blood for Satan Your Soul"
(Peru)[Dunkelheit Prods]-"A Dirge For Your Suicide"
+MORBOSIDAD (Usa/Mexico)[NWN! Prods]-"Morbosidad"
+MORBOSIDAD (Usa/Mexico)[Brazilian Ritual Prods]-"Muerte de Cristo en Sao Paulo"
+MORBID SCREAM (Usa)[Holycaust Recs]-"Heavy Metal-"The Signal to Attack 1986-1990"
+MORBID MACABRE (Colombia)[Evil Domani Prods]-"Infierno"
(Chile)[Fucking Death Division Prods]-"Acero Forjado"
+MOTOR (Alemania)[Iron Goat Comando Prods]-"Motor - Driven Madness"

(Brasil)[Evil Horde Recs]-"For Evil I Spill My Blood"

+NAHUAL (Peru)[Pentagram Recs]-"Massive Onslaught from Hell"
(Usa)[Brazilian Ritual Prods]-"Brazilian Ritual Fourth Attack"
+NECROMANCY (Bolivia)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"S.A.T.A.N. (Demos 1994 - 1995 A.B.)"
+NECROPHOBIC (Suecia)[Rawforce Prods]-"The Nocturnal Silence"
+NECROPHOBIC (Suecia)[Rawforce Prods]-"Darkside"
+NECROPHOBIC (Suecia)[Rawforce Prods]-"Satanic Blasphemies"
+NEBIROS (Colombia)[Evil Domain Prods]-"Guerreros de Lucifer"
+NEPAL (Argentina)[Del Imginario Discos]-"Demos Originales + Ineditos"
(Corea)[Dunkelheit Prods]-"Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion"
+NOCTURNAL BREED (Noruega)[Metal Command Recs]-"Napalm Nights"
+NUCLEAR ASSAULT (Usa)[Evil Confrontation Prods]-"Pounder"

(Usa)[Goat Curse Diaboli Prods]-"Azrever ne Alemamam"
+ORGY OF FLIES (Brasil)[Necronausea Recs]-"Orgy of Flies"
+OVERLORD (Paraguay)[Headbanger Force Prods]-"Aggressive Assault"

+PATRIA (Brasil)[Sulphur Recs]-"Individualism"

(Colombia)[Tribulacion Prods]-"888 Metal"
+REENCARNACION (Colombia)[Ediciones Fabula]-"Visiones Terrenales"
+RETROSATAN (Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Helloween Pub 88"
+REVENGE (Colombia)[Ultra Metal Prods]-"Death Sentence"
+ROTTING CHRIST (Grecia)[Heavy Metal Rock]-"Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (Kata Ton Aaimona Eaytoy)"

+SANCTUM REGNUM (Bolivia)[Fear No Evil Prods]-"Sanctaneum (1994) - Satan Flesh (1996)"
+SADISM (Chile)[Australis Recs]-"Summoning the Gods"
+SABBAT (Japon)[Metal Command Records]-"Samurai Zombies"
+SABBAT (Japon)[Thrashingfist Prods]-"Sabbatical Malaysiaaarrgghhh"
+SADUS (Usa)[Australis Recs]-"Live in Chile"
+SAMAEL (Suiza)[Del Imginario Discos]-"Worship Him"
+SARTAN (Argentina)[Total Desaster Prods]-"Reyes del Infierno"
+SARCOFAGO (Brasil)[Die Hard Maniac]-"Satanic Lust"
(Brasi)[Haterror Prods]-"Massacre Supremacista"
+SKULLKRUSHER (Colombia)[Master Machine Music]-"In The Name Of Rage"
+SKULL (Colombia)[Gate of Horror Prods]-"Beer, Metal, Spikes"
+SLAYER (Usa)[--]-"Evil Metal Demos"
(Chile)[Dybbuk Recs]-"Further Down to the Depths"
+SLAUGHTBBATH (Chile)[Mushantufe Prods]-"Total Warlust"
+SLAUGHTERED PRIEST (Grecia)[Time Before Time Prods]-"World Wide War"
+SOBIBOR (Colombia)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Furia y Metal"

+SODOMIZER (Brasil)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Jesus is Not Here Today"
+SS (Venezuela)[Necronausea Recs]-"Southamerican Slaughter"
(Malásia)[After Life Prods]-“Day of Darkness...The Re-Awakening”
+S.O.S. (Bolivia)[Dies Irae Prods]-"Soldiers of Street"
+SWAMP (Grecia)[Time Before Time Prods]-"Nuclear Death"

+TENEBRARUM (Mexico)[American Line Prods]-“Demo 1992 + Alta Magia (Album 1994)”
+THE CHASM (Mexico)[Bellphegot Prods]-"Awaiting the Day of Liberation (Demo 1 - 1993)"
+THRASH FORWARD (Usa)[Proselytism Recs]-"Thrash Forward Alliance"
+THRONEUM (Polonia)[Tyrannus Recs]-"Ceremonial Abhorrence & Darkness"
+THY RITES (Brasil)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Invoker of the Venomous Unlight"
+THOU ART LORD (Grecia)[NWN! Prods]-"The Regal Pulse of Lucifer"
(Francia)[Armée de la Mort Recs]-"Tales of Death"
(Republica Checa)[NWN! Prods]-"Ultra Black Metal"
+TYRANTS BLOOD (Canada)[Mutilation Prods]-"Crushing Onward into Oblivion"

+UNLASTIATH (Colombia)[Self Released]-"Dreaming Into the Infernal Possession"
+UNHOLY ARCHANGEL (Grecia)[Proselytism Recs]-"Obssessed By War"

+URAEUS (Brasil)[Circulo Fechado em Chamas Prods]-"O Despertar... Para Aurora Negra"
+URAEUS (Brasil)[Necro Terrorist Org]-"Raw Necro Rituals"

+V8 (Argentina)[--]-"Live in Concert 82'"
+VIBRION (Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Deseased/Instinct"
+VIBRION (Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Erradicated Life/Closed Frontiere"
(Brasil)[Hammer of Damnation Prods]-"A Mais Escura Noite"
(Brasil)[Hammer of Damnation Prods]-"As A Razor Crushing Your Life"

+WARGOATCULT (España)[Brutal Panzer Assault Recs]-"En Pie de Guerra"
+WHIPSTRIKER (Brasil)[Deathrash Armageddon Recs]-"Crude Rock 'N' Roll"

(Mexico)[American Line Prods]-"Control Nocturno"

+ACHERONTAS/NIGHTBRINGER (Grecia/Usa)[Dybbuk Recs]-"The Ruins of Edom"
+BLASTHRASH/FASTKILL (Brasil/Japon)[Rock Starr Recs]-"Slaughters in the Antipodes"
+BLACK WITCHERY/REVENGE (Usa/Canada)-"Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom"
/NERGAL (Polonia/Suiza)[Warmaster Recs]-"King's Return / Necro Spell"
+DEATH VOMIT/UTTERTOMB (Chile)[Veins Full of Wrath Prods]-"Coagulation of Pest"
+DEIPHAGO/RITUAL COMBAT (Filipinas/Usa)[Red Stream Inc]-"Accept the Mark"
+INVINCIBLE FORCE/BLOODLUST (Chile) / ATTACK FIRE/INNER VIOLENCE (Colombia)[Rebellious Recs]-"Hell's Damnation"
+INSOLITUM/MORBID PERVERSION (Brasil)[Sociedade dos Mortos Prods]-"Abysmal Necroalliance"
/LUCERA (Japon/Colombia)[Rebelions Recs]-"Japanguanos Chochas' Attack"
+SABBAT/PAGANFIRE (Japon/Filipinas)[Bestial Invasion Prods]-"Sabbatical Vermin Born / The Witchhammer of the Power Elitist"
SIGN OF EVIL/ABIGAIL (Italia/Japon)[Deathrash Armageddon Prod]-“Reaper’s Night”
+VOMIT OF DOOM/ATTACKER BLOODY AXE (Argentina/Chile)[Metal Command Recs]-"Diabolic Force (Satan Metal Congregation)"
+WHIPSTRIKER/OPHICVS (Brasil/Usa)[Tribulacion Prods]-"Satanic Metal Army"

(Peru)[Sonidos Latentes Prods]-: Contiene a: MORTEM, HADEZ, SEPULCRO, TRAUMA, SENTENCIA y MAZO.
'Demos 1989-2000 a.b.' Con: Carcass, Cenotaph, Carnage, Traumatic, Shub Niggurath, Thou Shalt Suffer y Eternal Darkness.
"Impious Noise Masacre" Grave Desecration, Diabolous666, Putrid y Vlad.



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