+ABOMINABLOOD (Argentina)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"Element (Purified in the Abomination)"
+ABOMINABLOOD (Argentina)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Subterranean Prophecy"
+ACID DEATHTRIP (Holanda)[Slava Prods]-"Acid Deathtrip"
(Brasil)[Angel of Cemetery Recs]-"Blackness Doctrine"
+ADONAY (Paraguay)[Self Released]-“The Battle in the Unknown South”
+AGONIZED (Finlandia)[Dunkelheilt Prods]-"Gods... Demo '91"
+AMMIT (Chile)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"The Tour of No Return, Rehearsals"

+ANAL VOMIT (Peru)[Machetazo Records]-"Demoniac Flagellations"
+ANAGATHON (Peru)[Black Breath Recs]-"Death to Posers (Demo Reh. '89-'90)"
+ATTACKER BLOODY AXE (Chile)[Slava Prods]-"Antichristian Metal Axe"

+BESTIAL VOMIT (Peru)[Nightmare Prods]-"Demonologia"
+BLACK HORDES SCORN (Paraguay)[Destruktor Recs]-“Live Scorn V-VII-XI”
+BLACKNESS (Peru)[Destruktor Recs]-"Curse in the Depths"
(Canada)[Brazilian Ritual Prods]-"Desecration of Sao Paulo"
+BOKLUK (España)[Cai Cai Vilu Zine]-"Moat Realm"

+CATACUMBA (Brasil)[La Medula Espinal Recs]-“Animus Mortis”
+CEREMONIAL (Chile)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"Ars Magicka"
(Finlandia)[Slava Prods]-"Demo I"

+DAEMONLORD (España)[Slava Prods]-"Of War and Hate"
+DEATH YELL (Chile)[Lautaro Recs]-"Vengeance from Darkness"
+DEMONIC RAGE (Chile)[Heretic Death Call Prod]-“The Occult Formula to Desecrate Souls”
+DISFLESH (España)[Slava Prods]-"Warmaggeddon"

(Chile)[Destruktor Recs]-"Tiempo Profano... Tiempo Divino"
+EMBRACE OF THORNS (Grecia)[Kill Your Self Prod]-"The Inevitable of the Judeochristian Lie"
+EMBRACE OF THORNS (Grecia)[Self Released]-"Stench of the Deceased Martyrs, Adv.2004"
+ENCOFFINED (Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Enclosed in a Coffin"
(Chile)[Cai Cai Vilu Zine]-"Total Possession"

+EVIL SPECTRUM (Peru)[Self Released]-"Triumviratus Belli"

+GOATBLOOD (Alemania)[Dunkelheit Recs]-"Invocation of Doom"
+GOAT TYRANT (Polonia)[Slava Prods]-"The Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals"
(Brasil)[Death Cult Recs]-"Sign of Doom"
+GRAVE DESECRATOR (Brasil)[Death Cult Recs]-"Insult"

+HEPTAMERON (Grecia)[Proselytism Prods]-"Grand Masters of the Final Harvest"
+HEPTAMERON (Grecia)[Slava Prods]-"Blessed Be the Name of the Dragon"
+HELL BORN (Polonia)[Pagan Recs]-"Hell-Born"
+HELLPACK (Chile)[Self Released]-"Pentagram Metal Rehearsal... Till Death"
+HIEROPHANT'S DESCENT (Grecia)[Self Released]-"Promo 2011"

+HOLOCAUSTO (Brasil)[Cogumelo Prods]-"Campo de Exterminio"

+I.G.N.E.M. (Bolivia)[Inti Raymi Prods]-“Advance of the Hell Fire”
+INFERNAL CURSE (Argentina)[Warfukk Prods]-"Awakening of the Damned"
+INSURREXION (Chile)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"El Eco de la Voz"
+INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Singapur)-[Black Kaos Descent Prods]-"Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent"
+INMORTAL WIZARD (Chile)[SoulReaper Prods]-"Ritus"
+INSULTUM (Brasil)[Total Death Prods]-"Ufana Melodia de Pa"
+INFERNAL SLAUGHTER (Chile)[Pacto Recs]-"Spilling Blood and Hate"
+IRON GOAT (Bolivia)[Armada Prods]-"Kill, Posers Destroy" w/Patch
+IRON GOAT (Bolivia)[Armada Prods]-"El Pacto"

+KINGDOM (Polonia)[Gravplass Propaganda]-"Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy"
+KULTO MALDITO (Bolivia)[Xerpens Rex Prods]-"Jodete Jesus"

+LORD SATAN (Bolivia)[Worshiper of Satanas Prods]-"Anunciando el Llamado a Satanas"

+MALIGNUM (Peru)[Unholy Metal Pestilence Recs]-"Impous Path Towards Decay"
(Usa)[Fukk Off Prod]-"Mayhemic Nuclear Slayer"
+MAYHEM (Noruega)[?]-"Ancient Black Cult" Rehearsal 88'+Live in Zeitz 89'
+MASSIVE POWER (Chile)[Alcoholic Distro]-"Massive Power"
+MASSIVE POWER (Chile)[Alcoholic Distro]-"Spiral of Violence"
+MOCKERY (Usa)[Necruz Recs]-"Devour the Soul"
+MORBID PERVERSION (Brasil)[Angel of Cemetery Recs]-“Morbid Skills of Evil”

+NECRONIZER (Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Pray for Death"
(Venezuela)[Infernal Possession Prods]-"Nekrosatani Alcoholocausto"
+NECROCCULTUS (Mexico)[Warfukk Prods]-"Solemnelohim, Bringer of Death"
(Paraguay)[Total Desaster Prods]-"Ocean of Decay"
+NOCTURNAL GRAVES (Australia)[Veins Full of Wrath Prods]-"Lead Us to the Endless Fire / Sharpen the Knives"
+NON SERVIAM (Peru)[Supertitions Distro]-"Imperio Tirano"
(USA)[Fist Bang Records]-“Pagan Rites”

(Peru)[Unearthead Coffin Prods]-"Midnight Forces"
(Usa)[Death Cult Recs]-"Lucifer Master"
+OBEISANCE (Usa)[Death Cult Recs]-"Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil"
+OBFUSCATOR (Bolivia)[Self Released]-"Void of Blood"
(Chile)[Soul Reaper Prods]-"The Omega of the Alpha"
(Chile)[SoulReaper Prods]-"Enoch"

(Filipinas)[Cai Cai Vilu Zine]-"Wreaking Fear and Death"
+PRAISE THE FLAME (Chile)[Carverna Abismal Prods]-“Profave Cvlt”

+PRESUMED DEAD (Italia)[Death Deaeler Prods]-"Defunct Existense"
+PRIMORDIAL MASSACRE (Internacional)[Self Released]-"The Law of Club and Mace"
(Brasil)[Arcano Musica]-"Welcome to Death"
+PSYCHIC CRUSH (Grecia)[GoatMarch Prods]-"Demo 1992"

+RAVENCULT (Grecia)[Self Released]-"Cosmic Chaos"
(Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Helloween Pub 88"
+RECRUCIFY (Peru)[Destruktor Recs]-"Ensayo 06/06/12"
(Peru)[Self Released]-“Grimorium Verum”
+REX MORTVVS (Chile)[Self Released]-"Verba S.: H."
+RIOTOR (Canada)[Total Desaster Prods]-"Rusted Throne"
+RITUAL DE MUERTE (Bolivia)[Self Released]-"Ritual de Muerte"
+ROTTING CHRIST (Grecia)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"Satanas Tedeum"

+SABBATICAL RITES (Grecia)[Slava Prods]-"The Destruction"
(Bolivia)[Self Released]-"Hail!!! Serpiente Profana"
+SINS OF THE DAMNED (Chile)[D.T.P. Distro]-"Death's all Around You"
+SOUL'S PYRE (Chile)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"Sacrophagist Demon Awakening"
+STUTTHOF (Grecia)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust"

Chile) [Total Mayhem Prods]-"Executioner Thrash Metal"
+TRENCHROT (Francia)[Nihilist Holocaust Prods]-"Dragged Down To Hell"
+TRANSGRESOR (Bolivia)[Fuck Music]-"Ensayo 1996"
+TUDOR (Republica Checa)[Slava Prods]-"Antikrist"

+VENOM (Inglaterra)[Satanic Metal Destruction Recs]-"Demo 1980"
(Chile)[Proselytism Prods]-"Festering in Endless Decay"
(Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Bacterya"
(Malasia)[Self Released]-"Revolution of Human Debris"
+VIOLENT ATTACK (Paraguay) [Proselytism Prods]-"The Final Massacre" 
+VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Magnus Cruelty"

(Italia)[Slava Prods]-"Marching on the Warpath"


+NOCTURNAL VOMIT(Grecia)/THE SATAN'S SCOURGE(Colombia)[Eternal Transmigration Recs]-"Split 2013"



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